About BASF Lab-Free Chemistry

BASF Chemgeneration Science Program was conceptualised to offer free and interactive STEM education to the young population across the world. Until 2020, the Chemgeneration Science Program was held at prominent educational institutions (Institutes, Universities), but with COVID-19 outbreak, the program was modified to BASF Stay at home chemistry digital campaign. The campaign obtained two of the world’s biggest Communications awards - IPRA GWA in the Social Media category and IPRA Eventiada as the Best Community Relations practice.
BASF Chemgeneration Science Program includes interactive presentations and experiments related to the concepts of Sustainability and Circular Economy and aims at getting students acquainted with these concepts. While promoting STEM and fostering curiosity, the program also offers students a comprehensive educational experience through experiments, lessons and quizzes. With Lab-Free Chemistry, BASF supports online learning trends (gamification) and wants to recap in one place everything done through the Chemgeneration Science Program over the last 10 years.